OSJournal was founded by two FOSS (Free or Open Source Software) advocates in September of 2018. Our mission is to provide in-depth opinion, analysis, and tutorials on open source projects. We are committed to advocate for open source initiative in enterprise, smb, and individual users.


JC Torres – Executive Editor

Known as “Jucato” in KDE, Juan Carlos “JC” Torres has been distro-hopping since 2006, dabbling in almost every geeky pursuit, from coding to packaging to building his own Linux distro From Scratch to using open source software to create his manga-slash-anime-slash-game. Also writes for SlashGear and Android Community. Dreams of becoming Saitama in his spare time.

Ewdison Then – Publisher

I am an investor and serial entrepreneur with expertise in technology, open source, publishing, and IT infrastructure. I have been working in the startup & publishing industry for over a decade. Currently I am serving as GIXIO K.K CEO, the media and development company behind SlashGear and AndroidCommunity.


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